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Experts in matching qualified applicants with quality employers. 

EmployAbility: Employment and Housing Solutions seeks to create partnerships with businesses to create long-lasting and successful employment by focusing on the abilities and strengths of the people we work with.  We work to empower people to gain meaningful employment by providing one-on-one job search services tailored to meet their needs, expectations, and goals.


Working with EmployAbility has many rewards and benefits for job seekers and employers, including full or partial salary reimbursement, tax credits for all employers who hire EmployAbility clients, assurance that the employee is trained and qualified for the position applying for, and ongoing support from EmployAbility after the hire.

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, you can be assured that EmployAbility: Employment and Housing Solutions, LLC is dedicated to creating fulfilling and successful business relationships.

CCS Service Facilitators can make referrals HERE

Psychotherapy Services for Anger Management and Domestic Violence Prevention are now available for CCS participants or private pay


Our therapy services aim to provide support and guidance to individuals who are interested in addressing and managing anger issues or preventing domestic violence. Andrea Mitchell, LCSW specializes in anger management techniques and domestic violence prevention strategies. This tailored therapy approach is designed to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and learn effective communication skills to navigate challenging situations.

Anger Management Therapy: If you struggle with uncontrollable anger or frequently find yourself overwhelmed by anger-triggering situations, our therapy sessions can assist you in identifying the underlying causes of your anger. Through personalized counseling, Andrea will teach you effective anger management techniques to help regulate and express your anger in healthier ways.

Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence Prevention: Our therapy services also focus on individuals who have experienced or are at risk of engaging in domestic/intimate partner violence. We provide a safe space for exploration and understanding of relationships dynamics, power imbalances, and patterns of abusive behavior. Andrea works collaboratively with individuals to help them recognize and break the cycle of violence, establish boundaries, foster empathy, and develop healthier relationship patterns.

Email Andrea to learn more.

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