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EmployAbility serves consumers of the WI Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in Dane and Jefferson counties. If you are already a DVR consumer please let your counselor know that you are interested in using EmployAbility to help you find a career that fits your unique ABILITIES and strengths.  You may also schedule a meet and greet with one of our Job Development Specialists to learn more about what we do.  We are committed to working as hard as you do to ensure goals and long-term successes are made possible by providing one-on-one support to identify what type of career will let your abilities shine the brightest.


EmployAbility actively reaches out to employers in the community to explain the benefits of hiring DVR consumers and provides continued support for a minimum of 90 days after hire to maximize success.


If you are not currently a DVR consumer visit the DVR website to view eligibility requirements.


EmployAbility serves all eligible DVR clients regardless of the type of disability, however, Job Development Specialists have specialized training in the following areas:


  • Mental Health

  • Drug and Alcohol Use Disorders

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Autism

  • Equal Opportunity laws related to:

    • Criminal convictions

    • Sexual/gender identity

    • Disability and reasonable accommodations

    • Race and national origin

    • Ageism and sexism


Our office is located on the North side of Madison, about a mile from DVR, at 2701 International Lane Suite 205.    However, appointments may be arranged at other locations in order to accommodate transportation restrictions particularly for consumers residing in Jefferson County.

We provide solutions in several types of employment areas

  • Direct Hire Searches 

  • Temporary Training Opportunities for Qualified Consumers 

  • Job Shadows and Career Exploration

  • Job Coaching/Systematic Instruction with DVR Approval

  • Resume Development

  • Job Retention Counseling

  • Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews 

Put your ABILITIES to work for you today! 

Call 608-709-1034, email info@EmployAbility-llc.com or complete the Contact Form below to find out more.

Fill out this Contact Form and a Job Development Specialist will contact you within two business days

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