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About EmployAbility

Mission Statement


The primary mission of EmployAbility: Employment and Housing Solutions, LLC is to continually embrace individual rights to self-determination by facilitating access to resource-leveling methods of empowerment and provide a holistic approach to case management and job development. To also strive towards social justice and equality for disenfranchised members of Dane County with the expectation that all people deserve access to basic needs such as sustainable income and safe, affordable housing.

Why choose our services

The owner of EmployAbility, Andrea Mitchell, has 20+ years of experience in social services and she has assembled a talented team with a very wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.  Whether you are a job seeker or an employer you can be assured that EmployAbility is committed to facilitating long-lasting employment solutions.


To find out more about Andrea Mitchell's qualification please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Our process

EmployAbility works cooperatively with the WI Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to create a Job Development Plan that best meets the needs of its consumers. EmployAbility utilizes a team approach with several Job Development Specialists and other staff working together to assist each consumer.  All Job Development Specialists have education and experience in a social service related field.  Long-term success is our number one goal.

Our obligation

EmployAbility is committed to ensuring that consumers are comfortable and feel in control of their employment search at all stages in the process.  Not only does EmployAbility help consumers find jobs that fit each unique individual but we also strive to help consumers learn skills necessary to build upon their own independent job search and retention skills.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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