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Thank you for considering EmployAbility: Employment Solutions to assist you in finding qualified applicants for your employment needs.  EmployAbility works to assist people in finding and sustaining employment that they are already trained and experienced in. By hiring a job seeker working with EmployAbility, your company is automatically eligible for a Work Opportunity tax credit and the employee you choose to hire may be eligible to have 50 - 100% of their salary paid for up to 90 days.  


EmployAbility is NOT a temporary job placement agency.  


You are free to interview, hire, and employ an EmployAbility job seeker the exact same way that you would any other employee. EmployAbility simply serves to assist people in finding employment through the competitive market and does not "employ" the consumer as temporary employment agencies do.  EmployAbility will, however, provide continued support to the employee for a minimum of 90 days after hire to ensure that the employee is successful in their new position.  EmployAbility will also facilitate any salary reimbursement that the employee is eligible for.



Employers may be eligible for additional incentives for hiring someone we work with

  • On-the-Job-Training program allows employers to be reimbursed for 50% of a new employee's salary for up to 90 days

  • Internship/Temporary Work Experience program provides 100% salary reimbursement for employers willing to train a consumer with little experience in their field of interest

  • Job Coaching is an additional service available to employees who need additional one-on-one support to learn a new job

  • Tax credits are available for all employers who hire people working with EmployAbility

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