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Facing housing insecurity?

Housing Support Services

EmployAbility provides housing support services to people who are working with Comprehensive Community Services (CCS).  We help you navigate the apartment search system and address barriers to obtaining sustainable, affordable housing.  We work one on one with you to help you reach your identified housing goals with the goal of helping you learn to navigate a complicated system.  Services are available to any CCS consumer experiencing any housing insecurity.  Whether you currently have housing and need help keeping it, would like to find something better, or if you are experiencing an episode of homelessness, we will work with you to explore your options. 


The housing search is daunting, and we are here to support you and provide information.  We cannot, however, promise that you will secure housing quickly by working with us.  Our Housing Specialists can help you navigate the system but do not have the power to change the system.  Most affordable housing options have waitlists that are 1-5 years long.

Our office is located on the Northside of Madison,  at 2701 International Lane, Suite 105.    However, appointments may be arranged at other locations in order to accommodate transportation restrictions.

We provide support in several ways

  • Support looking for and applying to apartments and housing authorities 

  • Budgeting and identifying the hidden costs of renting

  • Mediation and advocacy with property managers

  • Assistance with appealing application denial

  • Identification of resources available to people facing homelessness or housing insecurity

  • Information regarding housing laws including equal opportunity rights

Let your CCS Service Facilitator know that you are interested in working with EmployAbility for housing support or contact us to learn more.

Fill out this Contact Form and a Housing Specialist will contact you within two business days

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